Hastings East Homes For Sale – Hastings East Condos For Sale

Hastings is a passionate community with proud residents. In this neighborhood, the residents feel contented with their accomplishments.  This area is usually called “East Village” by the locals and the people are proud owners of their dwellings.

Schools In The Area

For families that are of the working-class, this neighbourhood is perfect for them.  There are many different education institutions to choose from.  For teenagers entering high school, the Templeton Secondary has become one of the best in the area for TV and video production education.  It also has a great fine arts department.  It’s an older school, but it has the wonderful modern amenities adjoining the Templeton Park and pool.

There are many elementary schools to choose from in this neighbourhood.  Depending on where you live, you either attend Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary, Hastings Elementary, Franklin Elementary or Tillicum Annex—all are within an easy commute from anywhere in the community.  There are also two alternative schools, namely The Notre Dame Regional Secondary and West Coast Christian School for those wishing to go that way.


The location of Hastings East is in an ideal locality—it is part of a large neighborhood that surrounds most of the northeastern parts of Vancouver. It has a beautiful waterfront with different institutions dotting it. Some of them are very important to the culture, including the Pacific National Exhibition and the Hastings Racetrack. On the west side, there is Nanaimo Street that connects to the southern boundary of Hastings Street. There is also the East Hastings Street that goes to the east side, where Burnaby City is. All of these streets connect to the waterfront eventually.

History Of The Housing Market

Most of the housing in the area is made up of single-family free-standing homes and some multi-family units that can either be low-rise of mid-rise buildings. There are loft and work buildings to house businesses, as well as heritage home conversions. Most of the people there are young professionals, with new immigrants coming from China and Southeast Asia — giving life and variety.

Recreation Opportunities

Hastings East’s has a lot of recreational areas to choose from. There is a waterfront along Wall Street and Commissioner that has many parks and pathways. There are also silos, freighters and railways along the way— New Brighton Park is the most notorious of them all because of its beautiful pool.

There are also other things one can check out as well— concerts, equestrian events, hockey games and even an amusement park. There are many summer events that the locals are proud of—these people are active in many of the mentioned events. Finally, there is a community center where there are recreational sports for everyone; including sports programs, a gym, a fitness center and many multi-purpose rooms.

Restaurants & Shopping

The Hastings East community has a rebranding campaign that highlights to visitors that the area has a unique character, an old-fashioned atmosphere and amenities. There are many traditional shops that pay homage to their heritage, and the restaurants do so as well. You will find many ethnic eating places that will take you to faraway places.

Transportation Options

Hastings Street is the major street in this vicinity linking commuters to the east and west of Vancouver—this route allows people to go downtown and other such areas.  Renfrew Street can take people to the North Shore along with other suburban communities. The Kootenary Loop is the major public transit system in the neighborhood offering routes to Vancouver Eastside, Burnaby, Downtown, the Tri-Cities and North Vancouver.