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False Creek was once mostly industrial land, but decades ago was transformed into the beautiful community it currently is. It's well loved for its waterfront area that is available for all Vancouverites to enjoy.

Schools In The Area

There are a variety of schools available for residents. Directly within the boundaries is False Creek Elementary and a short distance from the boundaries are Henry Hudson Elementary Schools and Tennyson Elementary. There are currently plans for another elementary school to be built at the Olympic Village. Just outside of the False Creek boundaries, Kitsilano Secondary School offers both day and night classes and are some of the finest being offered. If you prefer private schools for your family there is no shortage of those either. St. John’s International School, Madrona and St. Augustine’s School, are all a short drive away. Not far out on Granville Island, the acclaimed Emily Carr Institute can be found for artistically gifted students.


False Creek is quickly becoming one of Vancouver’s most visually appealing and increasingly popular waterfront neighborhoods. West 6th Avenue provides the southern boundary, the north boundary is the False Creek Waterway. Ontario Street and Burrard Street to the west and east respectively, complete the boundaries. False Creek features some of the most popular places to visit in the city. These include the Seaforth Armoury, the Molson Brewery, the Olympic Village and Granville Island.

The name False Creek comes from the waterway that is the divider between downtown and the other parts of the city. The waterway was named by George Henry Richards when he did his hydrographic survey in the years 1856-1863. To the west is the Art Deco Burrard Street Bridge and to the east you will find The Telus World of Science. It was during the First World War that the eastern part of False Creek reached all the way down to Clark drive. It was however filled in by the Canadian Northern Pacific Railway and the Great Northern Railway to make room for their rail yards and terminals.

In the 1950s False Creek was a major spot of industry that consisted of small port operations and sawmills. However, in the 60s a professor of geography from the University of British Columbia had an idea to change the area from being strictly industrial to becoming a multifunctional community on the water. Mr. Hardwick joined the City Council in 1968 and put together the city’s redevelopment team and got the federal government on board as well. This was extremely important because of the fact they owned Granville Island. The plans had been agreed upon and included mixed housing – low income housing, condos, housing marinas, and co-op housing – an accessible seawall and a waterfront market.

The plans were finalized in 1972 and it was agreed that one third of the land would be dedicated to housing and the rest for waterfront and community usage and for parks. In 1991 the City Council was faced with some new challenges to create a community that is faced with difficult yet attainable goals. The 2010 Winter Olympics brought about change in the southeast area that was previously barren and made it a bustling area of community interaction. In July 2010, the most recent changes occurred when City Council decided that they could make adjustments to the maximum height and floor area allowance in the southeast. This change brought about more construction and growth in the community.

History Of The Housing Market

False Creek is a diverse assortment of housing, retail and commercial buildings. Housing is comprised mainly of townhouse style condos (multiple floors) and rental homes. It is nearly impossible, if possible at all to find any single family homes in the neighbourhood. In the middle of what was once strictly commercial property, there is now housing. The demographic of False Creek is mainly the baby boomers (born 1945-1965) – young families and professionals that all wish to live life on the waterfront without the inconvenience of living too far away from downtown. Along the seawall there is a mix of both leasehold housing and freehold housing.

Recreation Opportunities

False Creek has much to offer in the area of outdoor activities. The seawall is the perfect spot to enjoy a nice walk or jog, ride bicycles and rollerblade. The water brings its own activities. The False Creek Racing Canoe Club offers courses and races in kayaking, dragon boat, surf ski, marathon canoe and outrigger boats. Every year, the Dragon Boat Festival brings teams from all over the world.

False Creek also has its own community center on Granville Island and it offers a multitude of recreational activities for people of all age groups. These include fitness options, tennis courts, water sports, yoga and dance classes. The recently opened Creekside Community Center at the Olympic Village offers many recreational activities including a full size basketball court, fitness center, full sized gym, aerobics center, a game room, arts and crafts rooms and plenty of space – over 6000 square feet of space for retail and commercial use. It even has a daycare that includes an outdoor play area for the young ones that are just too little for the other activities.

For people who enjoy art more than active recreation, there are live venues such as the Arts Club Theatre and the Backstage Lounge. Granville Island also offers several art galleries including Performance Works and Arts Umbrella which offers classes in art, gym, dance and music and performance for children.

Restaurants & Shopping

Owned and managed by the federal government, Granville Island offers a variety of restaurants, design studios, performance art organizations, lounges, art studios and even a small hotel. Not to be forgotten is the ever so popular public market. You will not find any large corporate franchises on the island. The government made a decision that they do not fit in with the community feeling and spirit of the island and refuse to allow them to plant their roots there.

The Armory, a new shopping distric,t can be found in the northwestern part of False Creek. Here you can find high end designer furniture, lighting, carpets and modern furnishings. Spread about the district among the retail, there are french bakeries, a rather popular cheese shop and music studios such as Nettwerk Records, Feldman and Associates, and Siegel Entertainment.

Shopping for the basic necessities is easily done in the new Olympic Village development. It has a grocery store, liquor store, dry cleaners, London Drugs and even a Subway. There is a local hot spot on the edge of the Olympic Village Plaza along the seawall known as Terra Breads. From there you can see downtown in its entirety.

Transportation Options

In 1991 it was decided by the City Council that the area needed "high transit access". The Canada Line tunnel that runs directly beneath the vicinity allows for easy connection from downtown to other areas.

The water ferry offers a unique way of travel for both the visitor and to residents. There are two companies that offer this, False Creek Ferries and the Aquabus. They are private companies and they offer small ferry service to different ports across the water and near the downtown area. Tourists love the views and residents love the traffic free travel.