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There are many advantages to living in Dunbar including the abundance of park space, shopping amenities in the community, the ease of access to both downtown and other areas of the city. While the population has kept at a steady number since the 70’s, the demographics have changed bringing about the addition of schools, recreational facilities and parks.

Schools In The Area

Several elementary schools are in the Dunbar area – Queen Elizabeth Annex, Kitchener Elementary, Southlands Elementary (nearby and to the south), Queen Elizabeth Elementary and Jules Quesnel Elementary (north) and Carnarvon Elementary (east) are all within easy access. For the older school aged members of the family there is Lord Byng Secondary School and Prince Wales Secondary (to the east) nearby as well. Also available are the private/independent schools of Immaculate Conception School, St. George’s School and Crofton House, which are a short commute from the neighbourhood.

History Of The Housing Market

While Dunbar does mainly consist of single family homes, the 90’s brought some new zoning which allowed for some rental suites to become available. Recently, there has been a desire for increased density to be able to provide for alternative housing for both new residents and current residents who wish to remain there. With this, the challenge of finding a balance to appease all residents, a solution has been found. The main corridors of Dunbar will be contracted with denser strata properties. The idea is to have single level commercial units lining the streets with residential strata-titled homes and properties above them. Already you can find many of these completed units and many that are soon to be constructed have blended in well with the neighborhood. The success of this idea has inspired other communities with the same concerns.


Bordering Dunbar to the north is West 16th Avenue; to the south is West 41st Avenue, to the west by Pacific Spirit Park and to the east by Blenheim Street and the zigzag of Quesnel Drive.

In the early 1900s Dunbar was for the most part, uninhabitable because of the mass amounts of leftover fallen and burnt trees from logging. The first known settlers of the area became known as Dunbar was the Mounts family—they lived at what is now 3379 West 22nd Avenue.

Homes began to be built in the 1920s as the idea of town planning became more evolved and once streetcar routes were established to this Westside area of Vancouver. You can identify some of the original homes that are still standing today by their position on the lot. The early zoning laws required that homes be built at the back of the property instead of the front or middle of it. Some of these homes are built in the English Arts and Crafts Edwardian building style. There is a lot of architectural heritage in the Dunbar region. One of these is the "Haigler House" found at 3537 West 30th Avenue.

Recreation Opportunities

The majority of Dunbar residents live close to one of the many parks in the community. Dunbar and its southern neighbours offer 2.07 hectares of park land per 1,000 people. This is much higher than the city average of 1.12. It’s worth mentioning that many of the city’s finest golf courses including both the public ones and private ones can be found in the Dunbar/Southlands area.

Restaurants & Shopping

Dunbar features two of its own unique shopping districts. You can find one near the junction of 16th Avenue and Dunbar Street that extends down to just about 30th Avenue. The second one is along the area around the junction of Dunbar and 41st Avenue.

Transportation Options

Getting around within, to and from Dunbar is incredibly simple with several options. There is public transportation available as well as routes for automobiles and it isn’t uncommon to get around via bicycle. There are three main routes that can be used for transportation to downtown via automobile. However, the routes aren’t just convenient for getting to downtown; they also make it easy to get on to the main highways/freeways to get to the outlying areas of the Lower Mainland. It is also a simple trip from Dunbar to the Vancouver International Airport.