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Commercial Drive/Grandview is an eclectic neighborhood with a lot of variety to it. It’s also an affordable area of Vancouver. Commercial Drive/Grandview has the combination of being both an idyllic and also an iconic place— it is the best of both worlds when it comes to a unique community.

Schools In The Area

Because of the growing number of young families that emerged in the area in the 1950’s and 1960’s, the area has a lot of schools and institutions to choose from.

There are seven elementary schools in the area; namely, Britannia Elementary, Queen Victoria Annex, Grandview Elementary, Lord Nelson Elementary, Laura Secord Elementary, Queen Alexandra Elementary, and Tyee Elementary. There are also towering secondary schools in the area where many students have the chance of furthering their education. Gladstone Secondary is one of the newer ones and has the unique design of a giant mural on one of the outside walls that depicts the cultural diversity of the neighbourhood. Britannia Secondary is one of the oldest in the area, being constructed in 1908.

There are several private schools for children to go to as well, including St. Josephs and Stratford Hall close by for parents to get to from any location in Commercial Drive/Grandview. The public transit in the community also goes to the higher institutions as well. The three biggest ones are Langara College, UBC and Vancouver Community College.


Commercial Drive/Grandview mirrors the community of Mount Pleasant, with a northern boundary on Venables Street that sets the area, an eastern border of Nanaimo Street and a western border of Clark Drive. The southern area has a zigzag street pattern that goes from East 16th Avenue to Victoria Drive. The community is rectangular in shape.

History Of The Housing Market

Commercial Drive/Grandview has it all, with industrial, commercial, and residential housing to choose from. It is a middle-class neighborhood that’s perfect for every demographic. Most of the homes were built before 1946, but there are a few that were constructed at the start of the new millennium which include many of the low-rise buildings and multi-family homes. In the community, many of the folks there don’t try to replace the older structures with something newer. However, there are a few areas that are an exception to this, and these renovations appeal to the younger residents in the district. The area has families of many different ethnicities, and there are successful families with decent income potential coming into the area as well. These factors all come in to help make the neighbourhood a better place to live—the diversity makes it something different from everything else out there.

Recreation Opportunities

Trout Lake is the most popular outdoor option in the area for recreation. Going into the lake isn't advisable these days, but the park is very beautiful throughout all the different seasons. There is a farmer’s market next to it that’s popular as well. John Hendry Park features a fitness center and park for local residents, you can even go ice skating there. The array of parks, including McFadden Park and Clark, allow people to enjoy the beauty of nature in the community.

Restaurants & Shopping

Grandview is best known for Commercial Drive, which is a famous shopping center for everyone. It has different bargain shops, fashion boutiques and even grocery stores. It’s an affordable place to shop that has both interesting and eclectic things. There are different places including Falconetti’s East Side Grill, which has a stage where one can see live music. The Rio theatre is the premier independent cinema in the city.

Transportation Options

Commercial Drive/Grandview is an area that has both buses and Skytrains. The Skytrain gives easy access to get to the downtown area, west to the VCC campus on Great Northern Way or to the Fraser Valley. The “B-Line” moves people around to the Canada Line station at Cambie and Broadway, with easy and quick access to the airport, as well as on to the grounds of UBC.